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Welcome to Spanish Learning Club!


Welcome to our Spanish Learning Club, exclusively dedicated to support you in learning Spanish. You can find us in the beautiful village of Kintbury  which is a short drive away from Newbury and Hungerford in West Berkshire, Malborough in Wiltshire. Click here to locate us in the map

Learning a new language is a fun way of opening lots of new and exciting doors in your life; enriching your travelling experience, discovering a different culture and challenging your mind!

Everything our dedicated, Spanish native teachers do is geared towards supporting your learning process and enhancing your experience of the Spanish language in interesting and fun ways in and outside the classroom.

By joining our small community, irrespective of your current understanding of Spanish, you will be able to experience the language first hand.

To help you achieve this, as well as your weekly  Spanish class, we have a monthly Conversation Club, a Film Club and regular Workshops.

Join us! We look forward to meeting you!

¡Hasta Pronto!

Our Expert Teachers

Ángela Quiroga Vélez
Founder and teacher

I was born and raised in Colombia, and while I spoke Spanish as my mother tongue I started to learn English at school from age five.

When I was 18 I travelled to Israel and fell in love with Hebrew. It was there I discovered the fascinating world of languages and the many doors it opens, from understanding different cultures and making friends when travelling, to being able to study and work overseas.

Back in Colombia, I married an Englishman. We lived there for 3 years until we decided in 2006 to settle in the UK. Since moving here I have dedicated myself to teaching the Spanish language as well as sharing the Latin American and Spanish cultures.

I have a thirst for knowledge. I not only continually strive to improve my teaching skills but also by learning new languages myself I have a deeper understanding of the learning process.

Seeing a student who spoke little or no Spanish grow in confidence until they can hold a conversation with a native speaker is a real source of joy to me.

Spanish Online Teacher

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. I realized from a very young age that I loved languages and especially the communication between different cultures. I learned English and French at school and had the opportunity to do an academic exchange in France where I could perfect my knowledge and travel a bit.

Back in Colombia, I started studying communication and journalism. At the same time, since 2001 I started to teach Spanish empirically. Thanks to voice-over, I started working with important Colombian-based diplomatic representations and NGOs. With this experience, I specialized in the teaching of Spanish specific purposes such as Spanish for diplomacy, Spanish for health and the humanitarian world.

I studied a Master’s in Spanish teaching as a foreign language and every year I try to take courses to update my knowledge in teaching languages. I’m passionate about life. I love animals and currently live in a rural area in the Colombian Andes, very close to the capital where I have the fortune to enjoy a different life of city life. 

The new technologies have allowed me to start teaching Spanish online through digital platforms which in turn allowed me to land here at the Spanish Learning Club!


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