You love to travel

You want to explore Spain without getting lost in translation

You want a first-hand experience of South America

You are connected through language

You have loved ones that live in Spain or Latin America

You have property in Spain

You want to help your child with their Spanish

You want to keep your mind active

You understand that learning a language it’s exercise for the brain

You enjoy learning and challenging yourself with new things

You are Studying Spanish at school

You want a boost for your exams

You want to do a duke of Edinburgh award

Have a look at our New Spanish Courses

New Beginner Spanish Course on Saturdays for those people who are busy during the week! Starts on September 3rd, 10:00 a.m., click here for more information.

New Beginner Spanish Course on Wednesdays, starts on September 7th, 2:00 p.m, click here for more information.

For other levels browse through our courses to find a course that suits you or get in touch so we can discuss your needs 07557226541


Welcome to our Spanish Learning Club, exclusively dedicated to support you in learning Spanish.

Learning a new language is a fun way of opening lots of new and exciting doors in your life; enriching your travelling experience, discovering a different culture and challenging your mind!

Everything our dedicated teachers do is geared towards supporting your learning process and enhancing your experience of the Spanish language in interesting and fun ways in and outside the classroom.

By joining our small community, irrespective of your current understanding of Spanish, you will be able to experience the language first hand.

To help you achieve this, as well as your weekly  Spanish class, we have a monthly Conversation Club, a Film Club and regular Workshops.

Join us! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your Spanish class will become one of the highlights of your week!

Completely transform your travel experience

Meet new people locally

Discover a new culture

Become more open-minded

Develop confidence


Friendly environment

Flexible classes

Beginner to advanced

Group or one-to-one

Learn at any age

Fun and interactive


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Grammar & Conversation Club – To be resumed when restrictions allow
11th March 2021
Hungerford Library, 2 Church St, Hungerford RG17 0JG