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This video is all about practising the first person in the present tense in Spanish.

In this Spanish mini lesson, we will focus on the first person singular, that is to say: yo, with regular verbs in the present tense.
To talk about yourself you simply need to add the letter O at the end of any regular verb. If you think yo, think o.

So for example, for the following verbs:

vivir – To live
Hablar – To speak
Tocar – To play (an instrument)
Montar – To ride
Leer – To read

would drop the last two letters to be replaced with the letter O, to form the present tense in the first person.

vivo – I live
hablo – I speak
toco – I play (an instrument)
monto – I ride

Note: In Spanish is not necessary to include the word yo when you speak. In other words, vivo does not need to be yo vivo.

Before watching the video, have a go at changing these verbs, answers at the end.

Escribir – To write
Comer – To eat
Trabajar – To work
Estudiar – To study

Now, with this information focus on the verbs that Samuel is going to mention, happy practice!


For extra practice send us a video to post, telling us who you are!

Hasta la próxima,

Ángela Q.