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There is no doubt that if you want to learn a second language, Spanish is a great choice. It is rapidly becoming a global language, with more than 400 million native speakers, and more than 40 million who speak it as a second language. Officially spoken in 21 countries across the Americas, Europe and even one country in Africa called Equatorial Guinea. It is the third most used language on the internet. Its global application, opens doors in education, work, and leisure, besides being a language of cultural enjoyment.

Therefore, creating a local Spanish speaking community on our doorstep is a must for those learning and interested in the language.  SPANISH LEARNING CLUB based in Wickham invites all Spanish speakers: students, native and enthusiasts to join in this new initiative linking cultures through language.Why not come to share your knowledge or to practise your skills?

Spanish Fusion Film Club is an evening to delight in Spanish, watching Latin American films and socialising with other Spanish speakers. You don’t have to speak Spanish, rather an interest in the language and other cultures. Films are in Spanish with English subtitles. Come and join us, have fun and meet new people.  Tea and biscuits at the end of the film.

Our first film, The Motorcycle Diaries is an award winning film, the opening night, is on the 30th of September. Bar opens at 7:30 p.m. in The Croft Hall in Hungerford.
Tickets from the Hungerford bookshop or online from

To win four Spanish classes and two tickets to the film The Motorcycle Diaries, check the Newbury Weekly on the 15th of September and join the competition