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Welcome to week 4, I hope you are finding the information useful, there are a lot of things to learn and to practise before you go off on holiday, so let’s crack on with this Spanish lesson. This week we will learn the numbers so we can practise prices next week and we will learn to place an order. Next week we will learn how to ask how much something costs.

Last class we ended up in the centre of Madrid and we were ready to order a coffee with a sandwich. Have a look at the above menu, and scan it for any vocabulary that you might recognize, I am sure you will be familiar with some of the words. Then look at the table below for the words that you aren’t too sure.

Have a go at jotting down different versions of the dialogue below with the vocabulary from the picture. Very simple and very effective.

Example 1.

Me: ¿por favor un cortado? Black coffee, please.

Waitress: si claro, ¿algo más? Yeah sure, anything else?

Me: si, un bocadillo de jamón, gracias. Yes, a ham sandwich, thanks.

Example 2.

Me: Buenos días, por favor un zumo de naranja. Good morning, an orange juice please

Waitress: si, ¿algo más? Yes, anything else?

Me: no, no más gracias. No, no more, thanks (literal translation), the interpretation would be: that’s it thanks.

Waitress: Un momento por favor. One moment please

Example 3.

Me: Buenas tardes, un bocadillo de chorizo por favor. Good afternoon, a spicy pork sausage sandwich please.

Waitress: si claro, y ¿de beber? Yeah sure, and to drink?

Me: Una cerveza a beer

I am sure by now you are confident using this sentences after having jotted down several combinations of the above! Now that you are familiar with the vocabulary have a look at the number table below and make sure you read through it this week, that way you will be ready for next week’s Spanish lesson. Well done for doing your part today!

See you next week for our last lesson on Spansih for holidays. Keep practising!

Hasta pronto,