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As a Spanish student you will be exposed to different elements of the culture in your lessons. The life of these 21 Spanish speaking countries is varied and fascinating. One of these elements is music and to be more specific salsa music. This July as part of HADCAF (Hungerford and District Art Festival) I will be teaching a beginner’s salsa lesson. A great opportunity to experience a part of that world. It is a fun and vibrant dance that will enchant you with its many rhythms.

Salsa is an intrinsic part of the Latin American culture. In Colombia, Venezuela and Peru to name a few, salsa music is listened to everywhere, in shops, in buses, in shopping malls, even in the streets. It is played at weddings, social events, school fairs and family gatherings among others. Its lyrics talk about love and friendship, hope and betrayal; they tell us stories from the many different peoples of Latin America and their traditions. The richness of the Spanish language can also be appreciated through the many uses of idiomatic expressions that vary from country to country.

If you are taking Spanish lessons, listening to salsa songs will provide you with a lot of practical exercises to improve your fluency and your listening skills, for instance.

In my opinion, salsa dancing is an exhilarating and highly sociable dance. Its upbeat music lifts your mood and transports you to another continent. Learning the basic step is easy. One of the friendliest definitions I have heard about learning salsa is from Marchant Birch, director of Alchemy Dance Academy, who says: “if you can walk you can salsa, salsa is simply walking with rhythm.”
Everyone can have a go! Even those who have two left feet! So come and join me!

Save the date:

Friday 15th of July at 7:30 p.m. free tickets. Corn exchange Hungerford.
HADCAF (Hungerford Arts and District Arts Festival)