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Hola, today we are going to practise our Spanish with this video from the Spanish editorial Difusion.

This short video is perfect if you have just started your Spanish lessons. Through the images you will be able to deduce what they are talking about allowing you to focus on the listening. The video is about a game where they present you some images accompanied by a narration and you have to guess what country they are talking about.

Below in red are some of the elements they are referring to. First I will write the exact element they use and then I will give you some examples for you to deduce the meaning. A quick Spanish lesson.

La capital es:
La capital de Inglaterra es Londres, la capital de Francia es París, la capital de Estados
Unidos es Washington.  Easy right?

Un producto famoso son:
Un producto famoso son las tapas, un producto famoso son los bananos, un producto famoso son los tacos. Can you guess where these products are popular?

Un producto típico es el café:
Un producto típico es el tequila, un producto típico es el vino, un producto típico es la cerveza. Where are these traditional drinks from? Do you like any?

Un personaje famoso es:
Un personaje famoso es Paul McCartney, un personaje famoso es Shakira, un personaje famoso es Bob Dylan. Do you know how to say their profession in Spanish?

Un plato muy popular es:
Un plato muy popular es el espagueti, un plato muy popular es la paella, un plato muy popular es el sushi. Which of these dishes is your favourite? Mine is the Spanish one La Paella.

Un lugar famoso:
Un lugar famoso Santiago de Compostela, un lugar famoso Cancun, un lugar famoso Stonehenge. What other famous places do you know in Spanish?

Now you are ready to watch the video. When you are done, why don’t you practise your Spanish by doing the same for me? Send me some clues, to my Facebook page so I can try and guess the country,

Hasta la próxima,

Ángela Quiroga