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Once we get hooked on learning a language it becomes this amazing journey in discovering different ways of understanding, learning and perhaps most importantly enjoying your chosen language. I guess, in your case it might be Spanish, in my case is French.

On one of these expeditions I ended up on Youtube, surprise surprise! Here, I came across a channel that had tons of covers of my favourite songs in French!!! It was an awesome discovery as I know the lyrics in my own language very well. This enabled me to see French in a different light and enjoy it in a non academic way, to enjoy it just for the pleasure of it without having to actively learn whilst I listened. I had never done this before. In the past I had tried listening to French songs that I liked the sound of but I didn’t know, so there was no connection with the music and I would very quickly stop doing that. Have you done that too? Have you put random songs in Spanish to try and learn to no avail?

This week I want to invite you to find your favourite songs in the whole wide world in Spanish with lyrics if possible and have a go at listening for pleasure, it might turn into an academic endeavour after, but the goal would be to just sit and enjoy your songs in your target language.

Below I will leave you with a couple of videos from songs I like just to demonstrate ( they are in Spanish). The first one is Shape of you by Ed Sheeran – this one was relatively easy to find. The second one is Imagine by John Lennon, and this was harder to find with lyrics included but nonetheless it was there.

Go ahead and find yours and enjoy Spanish in a different way. I am very interested in knowing if this works for you, so do share your thoughts.